Art & Creativity

As you may have already guessed, I am very much into my artwork. Wildlife is my personal favorite, anything nature really. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and spiritually uplifting.

When we look at artwork we assume that the artist loves that particular subject. But why? Or what makes them do what they do? Maybe there are patterns in each piece an artist does that makes them recognizable. Why do that? For instance, Monet’s unique brushstrokes and use of color. Or why do they follow mainly one specific subject? Personally, I will get asked these questions about my own worn a lot. “Why don’t you try to paint in monochrome?” “Maybe work on more close ups of nature.” “Can you do this instead of that?”

Suggestions are great. Artists play with them a lot. How else will you find your artistic voice? The best part is, that voice is always changing. Experiments occur with new subjects, colors, and tones. Why not? Always keeping in mind to do this because You want to though.


Art and Creativity are amazing things. They transform the soul into something else. You find certain things you really love and do them. And there is more out there to explore when the time is right! It’s obvious that I love my artworld. I’ll bring you more into that world a little bit more. Sharing why I started in the arts, what gets me inspired, how long I’ve been drawing/painting, and many more topics. It’s a big part of my life that has carried me through some pretty hellish times in my life.

We are all artists at heart in some way. Don’t let that creativity escape you. Let it shine, don’t worry about what others think. Maybe you love to knit and people tease you about it. Or scrap booking keeps you relaxed and happy. Who cares! Do it! If others are giving you a hard time about what You love to do that is their issue. To me, sounds like a thick soup of jealous and issues within themselves. If you enjoy it, let your artistic side shine!


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