In 1996 Taylor moved to Nevada from Michigan with her mother. Not knowing  where the road would lead them, they came to Sin City with $200 in their pocket. After being enrolled into an art class after school at the age of eight Taylor grew more fond of the process of creation. Facing many difficulties as a child art helped her move forward with her life through creation.

Throughout high school she was involved in the art field. Having her work shown in school art shows gave her the drive to go full force with a career in art. Mostly self-taught, Taylor’s heart lead her towards her other passion, wildlife and the environment. Creating images of earth and her creatures gives her the freedom to spread the word of conservation through bright vibrant colors on paper or canvas.

As of April 2013 she has had the honor of working with Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Imlay, NV. Wildlife protection is extremely important in her work and being able to be involved with an organization that saves neglected and abused animals is a true honor. There are currently piece displayed on site at Safe Haven. Pieces have sold to supporters of their cause since April of 2013.

Artist Statement

“Why do you paint wildlife and landscapes, is something I am often asked. My response, It’s my passion and goal to have people see the importance of these creatures. We forget that we share the world with them. We are caught up in our chaotic lives, worrying about our own days and lives. What if these creatures were gone? The world would not be the same. It would be boring and the ecosystem would suffer greatly. They possess beauty that we can not fathom, the places they call home are places we dream of. We are the cause of nature’s destruction, we are the only ones that can change that. My way is by making people see the importance through these places and creatures through my eyes. Arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to get your voice heard, and seeing the topic you are passionate about makes you even more powerful. That is why I create these wonderful places and creatures.”

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