Finished Piece & New Work

Happy to say that I was fairly pleased with how the elephants turned out! I wanted to finish the piece before the end of May and I was happy with the face that I did. Finished this in mid May and it was a big undertaking.

Elephant Collage

Mama and Calf 19x23 faber castell polychromos colored pencils on fabranio artistico watercolor paper from 420
Mama & Calf; African Elephants; Ā 19 inches wide x 23 inches high; Polychromos Pencils on Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper; $420.00; BUY NOW

I haven’t done a large colored pencil piece in a while so I figured why not go with elephants. They are magnificent animals, very much endangered and more human like than most people think. It was a challenge to go from drawing in fur to drawing in rough skin. Since their skin isn’t smooth, to make it rough was actually fun. I went in with a looser hand and lightly played with the pressure the each pencil.

Always fun to try something new! Hopefully these lovely creatures find a new home šŸ™‚


Once I finish a piece I usually take 1 – 2 weeks off to recharge my brain and body. Drawing a large piece takes a lot out of you so you don’t want to jump into a new piece right away.

Now I am taking a step back to graphite and charcoal. This piece is of a Kit Fox from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. He is a cutie!

Fox 2

When working with these two mediums, I base out the darks and lights in graphite, go in slowly with charcoal and than add in white charcoal. Never be afraid to go dark. You can always lighten that up with white charcoal or use a eraser, as long as you are using a light hand.

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