Do You Always Want to Create? No.

One question I get, along with many other artists, is:

Do you always want to create art?

Honestly, no I don’t. Does that make me less of an artist? Of course not, just confirms I am in fact human. The interesting thing about this is I may not Always want to create but I always want to be around art.

Whether that is looking through art magazines, viewing artists websites, reading biographies or redoing my studio, the love of art never leaves me. At times I get annoyed that I can’t “art”. It’s as if I am lying to myself about being an artist.

Silly as that sounds that is a real feeling and that is okay. But the beautiful thing about that is I can appreciate other realms of art. I can have my mind go to a different type of art. Giving that creative mind a break and open up a different part of me. Learning and even Relaxing.

Never ever let someone tell you that being an artist means wanting to create all of the time. That doesn’t make you an less awesome of an artist. Just means you need a break from creation and that’s is perfect fine.

If you do, great. I sorta envy you but I like that my mind wants to shift at times.

Creating 1

What do I do when that drawing bug isn’t biting at my skin? See below and maybe, just maybe this will help you as well:

  • Clean my studio or home. When things are messy or have been set the same for a long time I need a shift in my environment.
  • Reading or flipping through art magazines or books.
  • Time Lapse videos of artists painting or drawing.
  • Exercise. At times, I have to much energy built up. In order to draw I need to be a certain level of relaxation. Yoga is a huge help!
  • Take care to the miscellaneous things. Paying that bill, doing the dishes, laundry, taking inventory, ect.
  • Playing a video game. Being a gamer, sometimes I just need to escape to a different world.
  • Reading a good book. With a cup of coffee or tea 🙂
  • Looking through reference photos. Sometimes an image may strike you to create right away.
  • Writing or blogging. At times my mind is filled with so many thoughts I just have got to get them out.
  • Venting about things. We tend to bottle up emotions, not good. Venting to someone, the room, your pet, a piece of paper helps so much. Not to mention, you may figure something out about yourself that you never knew.

The last one on this list is the one that is usually the one that helps me the most. Or dealing with miscellaneous items. Vomit up those feelings and stop procrastinating on random things and you brain will shift to a more pleasant place.

Never give up art. It’s freeing, important and stabilizes you in so many ways. Keep going. That feeling of an art rut will pass. Instead of waiting for it to strike, find something else to do. You got this.





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