Elephant Drawing with Facts

New Work on the Easel:

The newest drawing drawing on the easel is an elephant colored pencil drawing. This is a beautiful African Elephant mother with her precious 10 month old calf.

I got the reference photo from wildlifereferencephotos.com.

This is a large piece and will take quite a bit of time to complete but it is worth every second. The overall size is 17×22 using Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils. Here is the where the piece is at right now:

Slow and steady with this piece.

Elephant Facts:

In the past few years the elephant has become the face of what extinction is. This is a sad fact. The spike in poaching these amazing creatures is not only alarming but heartbreaking.

There are two main species of elephants out there. The African Elephant and the Asian Elephant. Beside where each species is located, they also differ in size. Asian Elephants are smaller than their African relatives, they also have smaller ears unlike the wonderful fan-like ears of the African Elephants.

Elephant comparisons 1

Why do they matter? As with all wildlife, the elephant is important when it comes to balance of the planet. Elephants migrate, which in turn causes more pollen to be spread through their route. The more pollen, the more flowers, the more life. They also create clearings in forests which break up the forest overtaking areas, letting in more light and life.

As with most animals with tusks, their main threat is people poaching them for their ivory tusks. Natives use this for medicinal use which provides no valuable results when it comes to health. The only creature that needs tusks, is the animal itself. This illegal trade is a massive issue. Not only for the elephants themselves for the locals.

The more illegal trade, the more likely hood of violence to the native people. Which trickles down to a low amount of tourism, something that many of these countries rely on for income to the country. It’s a domino affect. No being deserves such a horrid thing to happen to them.

Together we can shift this trend. Make your voice heard. Donate when you can. Volunteer in your area when you can. One voice grows to many and that is when change happens.

What Am I Doing?

Art has been my biggest communicator when it comes to this passionate topic. Wildlife is a big part of my life, it always has been. Working with wildlife sanctuaries is just one thing. But spreading more knowledge to others about this topic is also another. Everyday I see more alarming stats when it comes to climate, wildlife, trade and violence. It needs to change.

This is one reason why on Earth Day April 22, 2016, I will be holding an art sale. 25% off of all original art on my website. That 25% you save goes to the WWF to help with their efforts in saving not only wildlife, but the planet as well.

My efforts and involvement will always continue and will be growing. It’s time to change the world one piece at a time. One choice at a time. Buying organic when possible. Limiting meat. Saving energy. Recycling. And much more. Spread the world, let’s make a change together.





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