New Pieces Are Here

Let’s start off with some new work! Been doing really well in the studio, which is a plus! Since going to a four day work week I’ve been able to bust out more work. The biggest thing that I have to work on even more (this isn’t surprising….) is the marketing/inventory/all around business side of it all.

Creative people tend to Hate the whole business side. It’s boring. It’s numbers (eek!). It’s serious.

I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than sit down and be serious. Okay maybe not that but you get what I mean.

But over the past few months, I’ve been taking this side one step at a time. Yes it’s important but for me, and anyone else like me (I know you are out there!) that isn’t really enough to make me want to sit down and do it.

So I have found that taking things in chunks is easier. And finding a way to make it fun is key. In truth this can be ‘fun’. Using images, making the files pleasing to view, putting your personality into it, ect. Overtime, this will become second nature. I am getting there. If I go for the ‘all or nothing’ approach, I won’t do anything because I get overwhelmed and freak out. No fun.

Now, let’s get to the new works πŸ™‚Β 

  • 2 New Safe Haven Pieces (Taco & Scooter + Steele)
  • 1 New WildCat Ridge Piece (Look Above)
  • And 1 new piece in general (Hawk)

Taco & Scooter, Steele and Hawk are all available for purchase. Also, Taco & Scooter along with Steele are both Safe Haven pieces so 40% of the purchase price goes directly to Safe Haven.

Taco & Scooter; 9.5×8; Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper; $240 BUY NOW

Tace & Scooter; 9.5x8.5; 240; colored pencil drawing of two macaws for safe haven wildlife sanctuary


Steele 9x12 $240 white charcoal and black charcoal on black paper of steele the male bobcat from safe haven wildlife sanctuary

Steele; 9×12; White charcoal on Black Paper; $240 BUY NOW

Look Above 12x9 white and black charcoal on black paper 240 nora the white tiger from wildcat ridge sanctuary.jpg

Hawk 12x9 white charcoal on black paper 240 hawk drawing study using white charcoal


Hawk; 12×9; White Charcoal on Black Paper; $240 BUY NOW


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