30 in 30 Challenge: Week 3


Yes, the daily painting this week is non existent. Which, I am okay with. This is another lesson to see when you do a challenge like this.

Things happen that change your list of ‘things to do’ and that is perfectly fine! Nothing bad happened. All wonderful things this week. Only one inconvenient thing happened, which I battle with a lot. Which is lack of sleep.

Call it a low grade insomnia that happens to me every couple of months for usually a straight week. I fall asleep, wake up every other hour, or don’t sleep at all, can’t fall asleep….runs the gamut.

But good things out way the inconvenient.

  • Celebrated my 27th birthday on Wednesday
  • Got engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years on Saturday
  • Took a long birthday staycation
  • Slept in!

It goes to show what all can occur in a few days, even a few hours. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get ‘x’ amount of hours into your artwork. It’s okay! Go with the flow, pick yourself up when you are ready and keep going.

Now, here is what I am working on. A colored pencil piece of Shirley from WildCat Ridge Sanctuary.

WIP 1WIP Close up






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