30 in 30: Week 2

Already week 2 of the 30 in 30 challenge. Although I’m not on painting 15, I am happy with what I am able to do. No need to burn the candle at both ends.

This has been an interesting challenge, as it usually is. With each painting I learn to let go a little bit more and let the paint speak through me.

This week, I will be going to my subject passion of wildlife and nature in general. Still life has (and will continue) helped me see light, color and tone differently. I have slowed down more with the mindset of really studying what I see not what I think I should see. And more importantly, what I feel.

Art is a very personally experience. Doing it and seeing it is different for everyone. While one person falls in love with the mystery of da Vinci, another is bored with it quickly and is amazed by that of Pablo Picasso. Everyone is different which is what makes art so powerful, beautiful and mysterious.

Here is what I have done in Week 2:

Number 5; Red Apple; 9x12; oil on gesso board; 240; fuji red apple still life oil painting
Red Apple; 9×12; Oil on Gesso Board; Bid in the auction. Starting at $25.
Number 6; Little Gems; 12x12; oil on cotton canvas; 240; marbles on pink and green paper.jpg
Little Gems; 12×12; Oil on Canvas; Starting bid is $25
Number 7; Healthy Morning; 9x12; oil on gesso board; 240 starbucks coffee cup with a red fuji apple oil painting
Healthy Morning; 12×9; Oil on Gesso Board; Starting bid is $25
Number 8; Shaggy; 12x12; oil on canvas; 240; shih tzu dog face shaggy dog oil painting quick loose brush impressionistic painting
Shaggy Dog; 12×12; Oil on Canvas; Starting bid is $25
Number 9; Figure Study 1; 8x10;180; charcoal on toned drawing paper; nude female figure study in charcoal.jpg
Figure Study 1; 8×10; Charcoal on drawing paper

I can say that my confidence is growing with paint and brush. When you do something that is outside your comfort zone, amazing things can happen. Don’t be afraid to explore, it’s what life is all about!

All, expect the nude sketch, is available for bidding on my Daily Paintworks Page at great prices. Why am I doing auctions on these? Because it’s a way for me to share my quick fun projects at an excellent rate. Everyone should be able to buy art, as everyone should. It’s the best gift to give someone or to give yourself!

For more of my work visit my website

Original work is available for purchase as well as commissions.


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