Fitness Keeps Me Focused

“I don’t have time to workout, I’m way to busy.”

How many times have you said that statement? I know I’ve used it in the past a lot. As in daily. The truth is, if I have 30 mins to watch a show are do nothing, I have 30 mins to workout. Don’t need a gym to get a good burn or a tone of equipment. You and your own body weight are great. Pop in a DVD for guidance and 30 mins later you are done.

I’ve become a workout shoe freak. I may only have three pairs now, but I have more on my list!


As easy as this may sound it is super difficult for us to do. Why? Well why is a great place to start. What is your why? Why do you want to workout? Not to ‘be healthy’, that is way to generic. It is a personal reason. Is it to lower your risk of heart disease? Maybe you have a wedding coming up and you want to rock that dress. Or in my case, I wanted to have more energy to survive my daily life, be less stressed, be confident in everything about me, and get to be fit because I’ve always wanted to be but now I have the drive. A long reason but it’s got meat to it.

When I do a workout routine my mind clears. I am in that moment of strength. And it carries me through the rest of the day. I’ve come to love fitness because I have found professionals out there that I really like (Jillian Michaels and Zuzka Light are two specifics) and they make the process fresh and fun. Who wants to get bored during a healthy journey? Not me.

There are many awesome perks to fitness. I could go on forever but let’s do a list for now 🙂 Gotta love lists!

  1. Energy Booster!
  2. Growth in confidence, physically and mentally
  3. Stress reliever
  4. Many fitness options to choose from to suit you, really love my kickboxing class 🙂
  5. Better Sleep
  6. Pay more attention to details on the easel, I slow down a lot with details now, it’s awesome
  7. Patience with *clears throat*…..difficult people
  8. Discover that inner strength
  9. Opens up your mind to new things (even past things that maybe you need to face)
  10. You want to keep healthy happening!

Topish 10 for now. Let’s not get to out of control. Focus is a big deal. We all do it but in a way that we are nearly on autopilot. At the end of the day do you look back and not really remember what you did? Or maybe you feel so exhausted you shut off completely. Don’t feel guilty, I did that too. And honestly, some days I want to. Especially my weekends, just shut me off and let me recharge. That’s okay! We all have a breaking point. But don’t let that be daily. Get your body moving so that focus can return and the stress can be handled just a little bit better.

You deserve the time to focus on you after all.

I workout to be strong not thin. Healthy not hot. Happy not cocky. The positives always, not negatives. My routines are difficult but I always remind myself how good I feel and how far I’ve come. After all, anything in life worth doing is going to be difficult.



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