Project Warrior: Change Your Life Because You Deserve It

It’s on. How many of us out there sit on the couch and say “I wish I could” or “I want to” and never actually do anything to make those statements real? You want to run a 5K, enter one and train. You wish you could paint with oil paints, take a class and learn. The opportunities for these things are everywhere but we never take them.

And believe me, I can understand why. Time & Cost. In all honesty, I felt that why too and than I woke up. I was overwhelmed, tired, and felt like things were getting away from me. I know I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of cash to learn things and spend a massive chunk of time to do things. You have got to plan.

“If you have a Why, you can Tolerate and How”  –Jillian Michaels

I love that quote. It’s something I remind myself daily. You gotta find your why, and it’s gotta be a solid personal why. I have many, what are yours? Share them 😀

Now, what is Project Warrior? It’s my own personal improvement journey but I urge you to join me. What am I improving and why? I’ll give you a watered down version for now but throughout my posts I’ll add more about this. As you may know, my life consists more than just painting and drawing. I have a full time job as a picture framer, which I love. I handle many historical and celebrity memorabilia for a company we work with. Lots of computer design and creativity all around, what artist wouldn’t love that? Also, I am able to frame my work….at work 🙂

I also have an amazing boyfriend (7 years and counting), an awesome dog (my fur baby), and I’m close with my mom. My grandparents are close by, I visit them when I can. Plus all of the curve balls life throws at you. Now, some may feel that’s a busy schedule, others may feel not so much (all of you moms out there, you’re warriors all on your own).

I save and make do with what free time I have to improve my life in the following ways:

1. Get up early to do a hardcore 30 minute workout (7 pounds away from my goal!)

2. Weekends = time with my art, website, and communication

3. After work I let off steam at the gym on the treadmill (1-2 times a week), kickboxing class with a friend (1-2 times a week), or go home and let my body/mind tell me what do to

4. On Sundays, I usually take that day as a day off. (play video games, draw, errands, spend time with family)


Those are just the top 4 things, if you will, that I make sure I do. Here’s the deal, I don’t beat myself up when I can’t get to a class, sleep is awful, or my attention isn’t on my work. Things happen and that’s okay. But I get back up on that horse and keep going.

Main Goals of Project Warrior

I have been through my roads of Hell throughout my life. Rough patches have happened, and to this day I am still working on how those things affect me to this day. Over the past few months I have come to realize that not only am I still standing after so much but I deserve to continue to not only stand, but soar. Enter Project Warrior.


I’ve always wanted to have a toned body, simply because it shows so much dedication to being strong (mentally and physically), healthy, and your confidence rises so much. I remember seeing Janet Jackson as a kid and thinking “Wow she is not only in amazing shape, she’s talented and absolutely beautiful.”

I am 7 pounds from my goal weight until Phase 2 or toning my Warrior body. Because I deserve it. I’ve never been athletic but always wanted to be. My drive for that has grown so much. When I pay attention to my health my confidence is high, my stress is better handled, more energy and my art improves. Plus, I feel I can take on anything!

“Do one thing everyday that scares you.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

I want to be able to do more for Safe Haven Rescue Zoo. More work, more donations, more support. I would like to be able to not only go out to Safe Haven, but also have a “Meet the Artist” event with them. I love combining art with wildlife, and to show that on a more personal level is very important to me. Planning and saving for this is underway, I hope to release an update on this later in the year 😀

Being able to be in a gallery and part of more art groups (such as the Colored Pencil Society of America) would be amazing. To be honest, this is the one I am most nervous about. Perhaps it’s because it’s a big step. But you never know what will happen unless you try. Plus, if a gallery says no I will still survive and just move on.

These are just a few things. Some smaller goals would be to be able to do more for my family (buy gas for my mom, random gifts for people, go on vacation, ect. In time, things will pan out. But what I have learned is you have got to be patient and kind to yourself. Whether your single, married, a mom, dad, son, daughter, whatever…I ask you to look at  your life and see how you can do something for you. When your kind to yourself it spreads to loved ones.

Be healthy, kind, and productive. Why? Because you can.


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