Snow Tiger: Part 2 the finale

And now, Part 2 the finale of Snow Tiger has come! Let’s get to it.

Snow Tiger 8
Since there is a lot of snow scattered about the face, I shade with blues and greys for the snow areas. Later I will go in thicker with color and pull out the white last. For now, this is mainly for shading.



We left off with the near completion of the snow. Now, I’ve started going in with a light hand and layering in greys, oranges, blues, and blacks (among many other colors). I focus on the face right now just to get more life in the piece. The more life, the more it speaks to me. If I tire of a certain area, I jump to a new one to even out everything.

Snow Tiger 9
When dealing with white, take your time. There were many times when I had to step back for a few minutes or even a few hours! It can be tricky, but if you’re patient things will work out.

Once I’ve established more lights and darks, I move towards the body to bring out more shading and the strips. I always go in the direction of the fur. If you don’t, the piece will not read correctly. Remember, just because snow is white doesn’t mean there is no other color. For this piece a lot of neutrals were used and greyed down colors, with a slight mix of warmer browns.

Snow Tiger 12
After working on this for a full day, sometimes it seems like I got nothing done. However, when I look back on the progress images I see the difference. Taking my time pays off.

Things are now starting to come more into focus. Once the main areas are down, detail starts to come in. I start with the face and move down the body. To separate the snow clumps more, I take my electric eraser and scatter spots about to bring out the snow highlights. Also, I dark the blacks and use a little more pressure throughout the piece. At this point, I am stoking the pencil in the direction of the fur. I vary length and pressure to make it more realistic looking.

Snow Tiger 14x9.5 colored pencil
If you want to use paint like I did, play with it before trying it on your final piece. I have stuck with white acrylic for the last portion, but there are others ways to use other mediums. Experiment!

Here we have the completed piece. As you can see, there are many variations of browns and greys. Before completing this, I am going back and forth the darken areas and lighten them with the eraser. When I was satisfied with the shading, I took white acrylic paint and highlighted the snow and white fur. I took my time with the paint and smeared some areas with my finger to thin it out as well.

Snow Tiger; Colored Pencil on Stonehenge Paper

14 x 9.5; $160.00

Buy Now on my New Site 🙂

*40% of the purchase price goes directly to Safe Haven Rescue Zoo*

Snow Tiger was a challenge because of the massive amounts of white. Snow is tricky, but it can be fun if you let yourself learn. What are your thoughts on this piece? Until next time everyone!

Next piece for Safe Haven will be a graphite drawing, stay tuned for more 🙂


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