The Process of: Spring is in the Air

Been a while since I posted. Holiday season equals busy times. But I am here to present the latest finished piece, Spring is in the Air. I did this piece with a combo of Polychromos pencils and Prismacolors. Let’s get to the process 🙂

Butterfly 1
Here is my setup! I tend to prefer the grid method when drawing the initial outline because it gives me more accuracy.


Over time this set up spread out for more room but I wanted to show you what I am working with throughout this piece.

Butterfly 3
In the beginning, don’t worry about accuracy to much, think in blocks rather than detailed areas.


I start out with filling in the butterfly’s body with a very light touch. I just wanted to establish that color before moving onto the background. Next step is filling in one layer in the background. It’s not a pretty stage and that’s okay! This is just to establish a direction, Things will darken up and smooth out over time. After this layer is in, I put a light layer of OMS over this to blend it out better.

Butterfly 4
I’m not afraid to go too dark right now. Because the butterfly and the flowers are stark white, I know that the background will turn lighter once I start in on those two pieces.


Layer two of the background is now in. This stage took a lot of time. I spent as much time as the background as I did on the butterfly and the front flowers. It’s important to take my time with the entire piece instead of just the center focus. I used the same colors as the first layer, I also added in a few darker colors. Once this was all done, I went in with some more OMS and blended everything together.

Butterfly 5
In regards to the black, I start light and darken it over time. Since black will easily blend with any color next to it, make sure you have everything around the black in before finishing up that black. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the colors and pencils.


After layer three of the background went in, I start in on the butterfly. With the background, I darkened certain areas. Later on I will go back in to blend out more areas of the background more. The butterfly isn’t solid yellow either, there are oranges and reds in there as well. As well as grey, and blue! The more colors put into the piece usually leads to a better finished product. Again, a light hand and I am taking my time.

Butterfly 7
There is a lot going on in this piece, which is why I am taking it in small chunks. When you have a lot o details and items, take your time it only makes the outcome better.


More of the butterfly is coming into focus. This part took a lot less time than the background! I work in sections for this part. I take each crease of the wing and work at them one at a time. I blend the wings out with a colorless blender and in some areas, a white pencil. I am also go back into the background to darken some areas as I go.

Butterfly 9
I typically have a pattern of colors I work with. But, if I don’t work in that order that is okay! That is why I work with a light hand.


Time to work on those front flowers! I start at the top and work my way down in sections. I am always paying attention to the direction of the leaves and petals of each flower. Once I am happy with each section, I blend out the flowers and move onto the next. In regards to the colors, I keep in mind to make this area a tad bit darker, simply because it will pop to the front of the picture.

Spring is in the Air 11x11 colored pencil
This piece was a lot of fun. There is a lot of detail and….no fur! I needed a switch on subjects and this was a perfect subject.


And we have the final piece, flowers are all done! It helps to work in sections, especially with a lot of detail. At this point I walk away from the piece to get it out of my mind before deciding it’s done. Even after I signed it, I still go back and see if there are any areas that need fixing.

My camera decided that I didn’t want to get the colors right on the final product, this is actually a little darker and not so washed out :/


This piece is on my Daily Paintworks page on auction. It has a high bid of $65, and it’s about to end! Get your bid in today 🙂


**Up next is Ifaw’s painting, here is a sneak peak of what to look at:

Ifaw 5


6 thoughts on “The Process of: Spring is in the Air

    1. Thank you for your kind words! The pencils I used are Prismacolors and Polychromos. When it comes to choosing colors/brands it really depends on budget and what you use most. Prismas are a soft lead while Polychromos are harder. Expense wise, Prismas are slightly cheaper and you can buy color individually. I’d recommend them to start off with. You can find them in virtually any art store too. Feel free to ask anymore questions Kelly! I hope this helps 🙂

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