The Process of Juno: Part 1

The newest colored pencil piece that was completed was a fox from Safe Haven named Juno. This was was a challenge due to he was a white fox. Especially in the body. I picked a reference photo of a close up of his fluffy face for many reasons. One of which, it was a nice break up of the white. I also bumped up a lot of green in the background for a little more balance with the limited colors going on.

I’m doing this work in progress in two parts. The next post will be later on in the week! Now…let’s get started…

Juno 1

Here is my outline next to the reference photo of Juno.

After completing my grid for this piece I lightly lay in the outline of Juno. The paper I am using is bristol paper. I will be using a lot of different types of colors for the colored pencils along with two different brands. I will mainly be using Prismacolored Pencils but I also wanted to test out Faber Castell pencils as well. I used about five different Castell pencils with the other Prismacolors, they work very very well together.

Juno 2
I start with the eyes on my wildlife pieces because they are the heart of the soul. I don’t go in right away with heavy colors, lightness is the key

Keeping my touch light, I start with the eyes first. It doesn’t really matter where you start filling in a drawing. It’s really all about preference. Before you start filling in your outline, just make sure your outline is right according to your reference photo. This is so important! Without a good outline, your final piece won’t look right.

Juno 3
I started on the background after I added his nose in. I like having the facial features in first because the drawing feels like it’s coming to life more. I love his brown eyes too, so doing those first felt perfect!

Before going on any further with Juno, I get the background in. I want to distinguish the white fur of his a little bit more and push him further. The reference photo does have a bit of green in the background, I just wanted to bump that up a little. As small as this area is, I wanted to take my time with it and started with lighter colors and built them up slowly. I also used OMS to blend the colors together.


Juno 4
How did I get the highlight in his eyes? I covered the small area with masking paint, and it will peel off without damaging your picture. Also, I used good ole’ fashion Scotch tape to take off larger areas of colored pencil.

The background has been built up more at this point. Throughout the process of the piece, I will go back at times to fill in more spots. All of this is done with a light to medium touch. Slowly, I add in the fur and features more and more.  When doing fur, always do the fur in the direction in which it grows.

Keep in mind when do white fur that you must pay attention a little bit more. It’s harder to see small details and what direction the fur goes. It can be hard to see how to accomplish this, however, shading helps a lot. Work slowly and patiently always looking back at the reference photo. In my opinion, white fur (really white in general) is one of the hardest main colors to work with. But, in time things will become easier to do. Keep with it and push forward!


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