The Completion of Mandy

Ever been on a camping adventure or a vacation to a new place? You know that feeling when you must depart to your home and you have to soak in all that has just happened? That is what it feels like, to me, when a piece is finished. You soak in the little twists and turns you went through, the points when you were slightly lost, and the details that you ponder over.

Part 3 is the last part of this adventure, but there will be more to come 🙂

Mandy 18

When I left off, I was just starting on the tree. At this point, I am taking it chunk by chunk so to speak. I started at the top of the tree and slowly worked by way down. I keep the colors to a select few to keep in consistent and less confusing. Although I am close to the finish line I must keep in mind that if I want a good piece, I must take my time in every section.

Mandy 17x13.5 colored pencil

So we have arrived at the final piece! The tree has been completed, the foreground filled in, and the small details in her fur have been done. The foreground was done in the similar way as the background was, with layers of pencil and OMS. I added in thin hairs, including the whiskers, with white paint.

*You may notice the color difference from the previous photos, those were taken with my phone with this was taken with my actual camera. It’s interesting how things can change with the switch of a device that you use. The final photo is more true to color of the final piece.*

Mandy; 17×13.5; Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper

$200.00 NOW SOLD

Daily Paintworks Page ( pieces in an auction format are now available too)

My Website 


Happy Painting everyone 🙂

Next up is a new painting of Ifaw, a male lion, a drawing of a close up of Safe Haven tiger, or a combo of stone and shells as a drawing. Which one will appear first?


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