The Process of Mandy: Part 2








Welcome to Part 2 of the Process of Mandy 🙂 Her piece is getting closer to the finish line! My goal is to have her done by the end of the month. If you missed part 1, click here to see where I started off. Away we go…..


Mandy 6

At this point in the drawing I am slowly filling her the lower half and back end of Mandy. Since she is laying down, the area that is creased between the front and the back is thick with smashed up fur. Because of this, I am going slowly in with the color yet again. Building up layer bay layer, light to dark. There is no need to rush a drawing.

**Even though that smashed area of fur is fairly dark, I still went in with the basic base color that I used for Mandy. It keeps the entire piece consistent. **

Mandy 11

Once I feel I have come to a pause point with Mandy’s coat I move to the background. In the reference, she is seated next to a tree with blurred out vegetation in the back. I loved the blurriness of the background so decided to keep that along with the tree, which I will do later. For the background, I again from light to dark. Pushing more greens into this piece makes Mandy push forward slightly.

**In order to get that blurry effect, in between each layer I go over the pencil with a light touch of Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS). This changes the color slightly, so if you want to try this do a sample first.**

Mandy 12

Here we see that the background is basically solid and complete. I added 3-4 layers of colored pencil, saving the darkest and heaviest pressure for last. Fading the colors into each other with a soft touch, gives the illusion of a blurry but solid background.

Mandy 14


Since I am satisfied with where the background stands for now, I go back to Mandy and start adding in the stand out hairs. Starting with her lovely face, I move my way down going back and forth for an even look.

**For hair like this, keep the pencil nice and sharp. In this piece I play around with pressure here and there. Heavier pressure for darker hairs while lighter pressure for lighter hairs. **

Mandy 15

Jumping forward a tad, I have filled out her back end and darkened needed areas. Through further process of the drawing things will get a little darker and more sharp. In this photo, Mandy is close to completion with the background still needing more attention. I have also started to add in the foreground, using the same OMS technique.

**The back of Mandy isn’t as detailed since it is farther away from the viewer. And what the camera doesn’t capture, you have the opportunity to do so. By this I mean making the fur feel as thick as it should with slight hairs and shadows. Don’t over do it though, take it one step at a time.**

Mandy 16


Here we are at the current point and time. Right now the tree is being worked on. In the reference photo there is a lot of branches overlapping which looks interesting but too busy for this piece in particular. I am going in light layer by light layer for this part. Keep the detail just high enough so the viewer and tell it is a tree and not a random object.

Stay tuned for more updates! This is a challenging piece but I do love working in colored pencils 🙂 Interested in this piece? Let me know, I am sure it would look excellent hanging on your wall in your lovely home!



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