Updates and New Work

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” 
― Maya Angelou

The recent event at Safe Haven went very well. I’m also happy to say that two pieces found homes! It was a lot of thing to take on for this event. I wanted to try something new, being of course prints, but they got out 🙂 . None sold at the event on the 17th, that’s okay though! I’m happy that their event did go well and raised money for their amazing residents.

Tiger Cub II is now Sold
Tiger Cub II is now Sold
Sweet Caroline is now Sold!
Sweet Caroline is now Sold!


After the pieces were done and got out I took a short break. Really needed to recenter everything. Even though this is my passion, getting worn out is going to happen. And when it does, just like with anything else, it’s so important to listen and break.

Once I let me break really sink it, it was time to get back to work. To ease into everything, I broke out my shark! Yes that’s right, he is still being worked on :). I am at a standstill with this guy, a lot of blue and possibilities of things looking a little different from one area to the next. This is kind of what  is now occurring but, I am taking on the challenge. Right now my problem is that sky! I was playing with white paint for the highlights, and was considering actually painting the sky in. But I am afraid of that looking way to different. What do you think?

Shark 1

Next up is the next Safe Haven piece. A colored pencil piece of the lovely Mandy:

Mandy 1

Mandy 2

Here is a little bit of a background about Mandy, courtesy of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo:

In November 2012 we welcomed three bobcats that were orphaned in Arizona. The rescue was set in motion when Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center contacted us about a family of five orphaned bobcats that were found by a private citizen. Their rescuer kept them too long, and they became habituated to humans. As a result, they can never live in the wild. Safe Haven accepted a female and two males, and another organization accepted the other two. The bobcats were named by naming contest winners. Pat Stathis sponsored the male bobcat, now known as Petey. Christopher Johnson and Dr. Tammy Doukas sponsored the two female bobcats—Gidget and Mandy.

Check out Safe Haven’s site and see how you can help the residents such as Mandy 🙂





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