Updates and Setbacks: Life is Tricky

First I’d like to start with some Safe Haven news. It’s hard to say but, we have lost a real angel. Max, one of their beautiful cougars passed away on April 30, 2014 due to renal failure. It’s still sinking in but it’s good to know that he lived out the rest of his life in a loving home. May he rest in peace.


“Why choose to fail when success is an option?” 
― Jillian Michaels

Art dry spell has been expunged! Happy about that. I think I just needed to step away for a little while. What can I say, I am one of those many artists out there that need a break. Nothing wrong with that! I am about 40% – 50% done with the second tiger cub drawing and I started a new tree piece a while back, a Cherry Blossom Tree.

Tiger Cub 1

Cherry Tree 1

Happy with the progress on both. And…..the Safe Haven prints are almost done too! Feels good to accomplish something 🙂

Balance is probably my favorite word when it comes to life. And it is hard, a lot. But it’s worth it in the end. I’m finding it hard, at times, to balance the mundane things with art, health and work. Usually it’s my health that suffers. Since I want to lose weight (30 pounds to be specific) I have to get my booty moving. As we all know, it’s not easy! But I have a mantra, “I am worth the hard work”, and I believe it. This week I let my body down by not exercising daily but that will change.

Probably one of the reasons as a to why I took a few days off from work was to get my health and life in order. Needing a break is natural for everyone. Why am I telling you about my health? Because it is part of my art life, just as everything is. It’s all connected. Plus, the more you exercise the more creative you are more likely to be. It’s science, I swear, it is real 🙂

Keep your head up no matter what life throws at you. Say something everyday that you have accomplished, even if it is small, say it. Write it down, scream it, do anything! It’s worth it because you are worth it 🙂


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