Going Through a Dry Spell in Art

Every have a day or week where you just don’t have the major urge to do anything artistic? Kind of going through that right now. Frustrating, Yes. A bad thing, No. I’ve met very few artists that go through dry spells. Most of us do and the more often we do I feel, the better we grow. Sometimes you have to look at something like this in a good way.

I usually look at as my brain needs a break, my attention needs to be elsewhere for a little while, stress or I’m growing in creativity. I don’t always know which one it is right away or at all, however, it’s usually one of them. Right now, I feel it’s a combo of all. And I’m okay with that.

After A Shy Face II was completed (below) I started a new drawing and painting but stepped back for a while. Feeling guilty I sat and thought about Why I felt guilty. I came up with a little bit of a list:

A Shy Face II; Oil on Canvas; 24x12
A Shy Face II; Oil on Canvas; 24×12


  • The less images of pieces in progress I post on my fan page, people will lose interest in my work
  • I’ve put less focus on my work & promotion of it than I should
  • Calling myself an artist when I don’t paint daily isn’t right
  • My focus is all out of whack

Bottom line, I felt horrible. But once I realized what my reasons were I realized a few things about myself. I shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Life is life and it can get crazy. Things come up, you discover new things and oh so much more. We all know it. Do I feel I am an Artist, heck yes. Do I know I am an Artist, heck yes.  No one should have to explain why they aren’t painting besides the fact that things happen and those things need to be addressed before you jump back in the studio.

If my mind isn’t clear, there is no way I can paint right. Plus, Just because I’m not producing art, doesn’t mean I’m not growing as an artist. I read, sketch, talk about ideas, and plan out things for the future. We all need a break, sometimes it takes more than a statement to realize that 🙂


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