Sweet Caroline: Step by Step

It has been a hectic week to say the least. A week of a hellish cold, never a good way to start a week off. My mind is still a little jumbled, along with my body. But I feel much better than I did a few days ago, thankfully. On Sunday I finished up Caroline’s piece. Here is the step by step process of her piece 🙂 Soon she will be ready to ship off to Safe Haven.

Next up will be a second Christopher piece, the first one sold earlier in the month 🙂 Hope to have it completed before the end of March, let’s see how it goes! Here is the process of Caroline.

Caroline 2


After about two-three layers this is the result of the painting. Each layer has a thin glaze used before I start laying paint down. I go back and forth from light to midtones now. I avoid using darks for now.

Before adding in the stripes, it is crucial that I make sure her coat is right in color, shading and tone. I start with the small areas around her face to see how I like the color of her coat. I go back and forth from her body to her face to slowly put in more dark areas before moving onto the stripes. At this point I don’t worry to much about the snow.


At this point I let the paint thicken up. I haven’t put another glaze down since I finished her coat and started putting down the stripes. I take my time with the stripes making sure they follow the flow of her fur. Once I finish her stripes, I blend the dark stripes with her coat to make them look like one.


Sweet Caroline caroline of safe haven oil on canvas
After the stripes are complete I let the entire piece dry before I start putting in the snow. I start with the snow on her face and move towards the background. I use a palette knife to put the snow in the back and foreground, making sure it’s put on nice and thick.


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