Jasper; the Final Piece

Jasper is now complete. He was a lot of fun to paint. I was also surprised as to how much time I took on this piece. Deciding to really slow done helps with making a piece a piece you are truly proud of. Keeping the colors still bright but not overly bright, which at times I feel I overdo the bright colors.

Without further ado, here is Jasper and a little bit of a back story about him.

Jasper male african serval oil painting


Meet Jasper, one of six African Servals at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo. He has called Safe Haven his home since 2011 after he was rescued from the streets of Hollywood, California. He was transferred to Safe Haven after he was treated for a puncture wound in his paw, was neutered and had blood work done. He’s a stunning boy, one of my favorite subjects.

Jasper; 12×16; Oil on Canvas
www.taylorannfineart.com to purchase the original or contact Lynda at safehavenwildlife1@gmail.com 

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