What Does It Mean to Be a Professional Artist?

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.”
― Dave Barry

What must you do to be called a “professional artist”? Must you win countless honorable awards? Must you have a degree in art from a reputable college or university? Maybe it is all of the above. This is a topic that has tortured my mind for a while now. Why? Because many feel there are specific qualifications needed to be a professional artist. One of which is doing art as a full time career, as in that is your main source of income.

Well my friends, by that standard I am mo professional artist. I have a full time job at a local frame shop. I am around all day, doing design work on the computer for laser matting presentations, assembling things I have designed and oh so much more. On my off time (when I get off and weekends) that is my art time. And yes, I take full advantage of it. I put my heart and soul into it. Art is apart of my being, it is what I am made of.

Did I go to college for art? No. Have I won any wards for my work? No. Do I have work in a gallery? No

But does that mean I am not a professional artist? To me, absolutely not. To me, you can not judge how an artist is deemed professional. My only major standard is this, you do it as a passion, not a hobby. Your life is nearly consumed by it, in a healthy way of course. You are excited by your work, your time with it is precious and it is your passion. By those standards, yes I am a professional artist.

I want this as my full time career but I have to learn, appreciate and enjoy the journey there. I intend to do just that.

Some Updates


Although this is taking me a long time, my shark is making progress. Colored pencils have really been one of my favorite mediums lately. The size? A beefy 28×22. Once he is completed he will go up for sale. Interested? Feel free to let me know!


My side project of the pin up fantasy girls is a lot of fun. Feels good to explore other subjects without expecting anything amazing to come out of it. The size of this is 20×10. Hope to wrap this one up soon as well!

Interested in any of these pieces? Or maybe you just want to send a quick hello. Email me anytime at tnichczynski@yahoo.com
Much love!


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