A Welcoming of 2014

I can not believe that 2014 is almost here! This year has been interesting, crazy, fun and life-changing. I’ve met some amazing people and done some new things throughout the year. What will next year bring? All I can say right now is I have a list built up of what I would like to accomplish next year. It’s a big list but with preperation and ambition, I feel I can do anything!

One thing I have already started on is trying a new art subject. What, artists like other subjects than what they already do?! Why yes we do! One subject that I have always loved is fantasy/sci fi and pin up art. They are both fun subjects to view and play with. Now, I’m not changing my main subjects but I do want to have other subjects to play with. I’m calling them my Fantasy Art Mission.

I’ve completed one, I will post the photo later. The quality on the one I have isn’t very good :/ However, I have started a new one. Below is the completed underpainting…


It’s fun to do something without expecting an amazing piece. So far I’m enjoying the experience and I’m doing something I’ve wanted to try for years. So why not? As for my main subjects, I’m still working on my colored pencil piece of the Lemon Shark.


A fairly big difference in subjects. But to make the fantasy pieces more my pace, I am combining them with subjects I’m close to. Nature and wildlife. It makes the transition easier and more interesting. It’s something fun and new, I can’t wait until what next year brings.

Keep safe on the 31st everyone! And thank you for all of the support this year. May amazing things happen in 2014!


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