What Makes You An Artist?

What Makes You an Artist? Why Are You an Artist? These are two questions I often get asked. So I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Reality is, there is no short response. If you are coming to read this, it won’t be a short one. However, I will split the story up so you aren’t reading a novel in one go.

To me, these questions are built on history. I can’t say that art hasn’t followed me from childhood, because it has in a way. But it helped me grow and move forward.

Balance of the Pride; 16x20; oil on canvas www.taylorannfineart.com
Balance of the Pride; 16×20; oil on canvas

I hear a lot of people say, “I’ve  been drawing since I was three!”. I have no idea when I started drawing, but I do remember the first real memory of drawing and really loving it. I was in second grade, age six or seven. We had a really fun assignment every month called, Writing Workshop. We all wrote our own short stories and did the illustrations. Something about the illustration part really stuck me as “true fun”.

At one point, I remember drawing a small bird. It was a hit in the child filled classroom, I had classmates lined up at my desk to draw a bird in their story. I felt like a star! But it wasn’t the 15 minutes of fame that got me, so much so as the enjoyment of creating that character and the joy it gave others. Probably not so deep when I was six/seven but now, I feel that may have been the feeling I was going through.

After that infamous bird, I was hooked on drawing. Started to go to art class after school when I was in third grade, continued to do so throughout third and fourth grade. Stepped away from that for a while, only to start back up again during sixth grade. I was in love with art. It was a great way to free my mind and escape reality.

Raptors were a favorite of mine, next to the T-Rex of course.
Raptors were a favorite of mine, next to the T-Rex of course.

Art followed me through school. The subject matter has changed throughout the years. As a kid, I was all dinos and dragons. The passion as only grown stronger as well. I could go on and on about the big impact art has had in my life, but let’s leave that for next time.



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