One Piece Finished and Others Continue

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

Yesterday was a productive day. Always love my weekends, I savor the time for art all day 🙂 I was able to complete one piece and work on another. Now what comes next? Well I’ve been in deep thought lately about what should be the next piece, side projects, conveying emotion and grabbing more opportunities.

First, here is the newest piece. It was the first time I worked with glazing layers. I really liked the outcome of it as well.  It’s available for purchase on my website and tomorrow it will be on Daily Paintworks in an auction form:

Isabelle is complete! A beautiful Safe Haven resident indeed :) Price : $240 Size: 18x14
Isabelle is complete! A beautiful Safe Haven resident indeed 🙂
Price : $240
Size: 18×14

Safe Haven recently welcomed some new residents as well. Two beautiful tigers, Christopher and Caroline. They are just amazing. Christopher is a beautiful white tiger, the only white tiger they currently have. I feel he may be a perfect model for my next piece. I’m not sure if he should be a painting or a drawing. Sometime narrowing down the pose is helpful with decision making as well.

Side Projects:

Like many artists out there, I enjoy exploring new subjects. I somewhat touch on that in the last blog as well. Side project subject? Sci fi/fantasy style pin up girls. Right now I’m in the “sketching” stage. Ideas, possible poses, colors, ect. I’ve always loved painting the figure in movement as well. But I’ve also wanted to play around with sci fi or fantasy for a while now. I’ve always admired that style/subject. I find them out of my comfort zone, which could expand my horizons even more.

I’ve met many people that don’t like it when artists do more than one style or subject. Some may call them “sell outs”, I call them Brave. Doing something that you aren’t use to, nor are your clients use to can be a mixed bag. You may gain new interest but lose others. In the end, it’s about what you feel is best for you.

Art Growth:

I’ve heard (among others out there as well) is to put “emotion in every piece you do”. Make the viewer feel it right away. Now this, to me, is tricky. For starters, if you don’t like a certain style or subject, that “emotion” may be absent for you personally. So how do you put emotion into pieces to make everyone feel it? Do you put a different flare into it? Do you use colors differently? The questions are endless.

Art, is a personal thing. It’s so vast and so subjective that not everyone will understand your possible message. With that said I also feel that some subjects are easier to convey that message than others. For example, figures (for me at least) are probably the easiest for emotion. We recognize people in a deeper sense because we are people. We can level with other humans the most. We see us in others.

For work that I do, mainly wildlife, it’s a little tricky, If you don’t really get into wildlife art, you are more likely not to feel emotion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. It may be the way the artist paints, the colors they used, the style that triggers that emotion. Now, how to do that? That is something I am somewhat struggling with. I feel the emotion when I paint but it doesn’t always show up.

It’s a learning curve and growth that is always going to be there. How do you view emotion in art? What makes you say “wow that’s amazing” or makes you really feel the emotion? The questions are endless along with the views. So what are yours?



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