Halloween Week, Looking Back

Hope your Halloween was fantastic! I had a fun time. Yes, I dressed up and went into work. Made people smile, plus I had a blast!



Halloween week was a busy one. I met with a small gallery owner on Monday, which was something that I am reflecting on daily. It was a great experience and something I would of course, love to do again. Getting a taste of the typical questions was great. I wasn’t so much nervous about meeting a gallery owner as much as presenting my work and getting my “message” across.

Something I always get tripped up on is this question: “Why do you paint what you paint and why do you paint in general?”

The obvious thing that comes to any artists mind is “because it’s what I love to do”, for both questions. I feel that I got my point across, to which he somewhat agreed on. It boiled down to this: “I’m not feeling that through your work. The emotion just isn’t there. It’s beautiful work but I don’t feel that power from it.”

That is something that I always try to get across. At the same time I wonder it is because the work he shows is completely different from what I do. The work displayed was more street art. However, he wants fine art. I walked out of the meeting feeling he is looking for fine art with a street art flair. Projects I am working on could work, but my main pieces would not.

As for the emotion, my question is this. If you don’t like a certain subject or style, is it going to hit you emotionally when you view it?

My personal response is that if you don’t like a certain subject/style it might not hit you. You may not even notice it. I always want to grow, and this is something to work on as far as my work goes. The message and emotion is always there but maybe not clear enough.

Is the emotional impact in this piece for you? I'd love to know!
Is the emotional impact in this piece for you? I’d love to know!

This is a topic I find fascinating. I would love to hear your opinion.

As for the future, I can only say more opportunities will be out there and are out there. Next step? Getting a chance to meet with another gallery, keep in touch with current one I just met with and explore my side projects more. Why not?


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