Tip Tuesday: Confidence is Key

This Tip Tuesday was going to go in a different direction at first. When I was thinking of topics the other day, this was not really one of them. But than something happened. I voiced my opinion on a topic I feel strongly about and someone told me how they felt.

It was the story of Malala Yousafzai. I had posted someone on my Fan Page about her interview on CNN. After just finishing her book, she really has inspired me and reminded me the importance of education. And that for some people out there in this world, education isn’t meant for everyone. Especially women.

Someone had said good for her but than proceeded to say things like “stop the propaganda for these women, they bring their problems here.” And, “Don’t we have enough problems of our own.” They ended with “Stick to art, it’s what your good at”.

A lot of emotions ran through my mind. Anger, frustration, disbelief, sadness and horror. A lot of emotions for a short amount of time. I didn’t want to leave the issue unresolved, I did leave a comment:

She’s a brave woman that has been through more than most of us can understand. She speaks of peace and education not handouts. We all have opinions and I respect that as well. But please, respect mine as well.

After this, I had to take a minute to get my nerve back. Like other people out there, I have opinions and beliefs. I know I love my art and I feel that I am fairly good at it. But to tell me it’s what I am “best at” and to “stick to it” was just wrong. This young woman shows me that no matter how people may talk, feel about certain things, what you are capable of and what you should do; you have the same right as the next person to learn and grow.


It gave me confidence. I called it “fuel for my inner fire”. Everyone deserve confidence. We all deserve to have the right to an education, to do what we love and to express how feelings on things. I know I am good at many things, besides art. I also know I have several passions that drive to art. Wildlife conservation is huge fuel for my inner fire. And now education and human rights are too. They always were in a way but now, it’s more than ever.

Never ever let someone get your confidence down by words. This world is a scary place. We need more confidence in everyone to do good for themselves and others. Join my fight to take this Fuel and put it in your Inner Fire. Fight for what you believe in, with knowledge and creativity as your weapon.



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