Art Filled Weekend “Hangover”

I have a hangover. Not because I drank to much (one drink to be exact, and it was light) but because I was nearly non stop with my work. I set out to start two new pieces and I can check them off the list. The urge to jump on some video games was in the back of my mind, whispering it’s devilish deed in my ear. But I said “NA! I must create!”

Coyote 1


Here is Isabelle, a Safe Haven resident. Working in glazes on this one, which something I have never done before. Starting with the lightest lights first and building the darks up slowly. Lately, I’ve preferred to see the lights put down first. Why? For me, I always want to see the lights quickly throughout the painting. I tend to rush through the piece just to put the lights down. In the end, it doesn’t come out as well.

I like switching up the way of doing things when it comes to my work. I never know what may work!

Shark colors 1 Shark 1


Newest drawing, here it is. What creature do you think this lovely eye belongs to???


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