Inspirational Fridays: Encouragement Means Everything

You have to admit that we all love to hear “Great job!” “That looks really fantastic!” or “Keep it up, you’re doing a great job.” There are many others, but let’s not take the time to list them all 🙂

Encouragement, to me, means more than we realize. There are days when I am in studio and I feel things are just not going in the right direction. And than I hear, “Don’t stop, this is coming out really well.” That’s when I step away for a while, maybe read or walk. Once I come back I can see the positives, which rule out the flaws.

No piece of work is perfect. There will always be flaws, you may be the only one that can see them, but they are probably there. I haven’t been able to meet any artist out there that loves every single piece they have done. I suppose you could say it’s a flaw in the person doing the work, to possibly never be satisfied? Either way, you have to learn when to stop before your Really don’t like the piece. I do this all of the time!

It’s a battle in the studio. You argue with yourself all of the time. But you really need to open your mind and yes, get opinions from others. It doesn’t matter if they are an artist friend or not. Actually having a family or friend view it, (that is honest with you), might be very helpful. They are acting as a real viewer. Someone that likes art (yes yours in particular), may be able to tell you something to fix or leave alone. At the same time they give you encouragement to keep going. Just because they ask you to fix something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. They are urging you to keep going!


It’s a simple subject but it’s powerful. Having someone there to push you towards the finish line means wonders. If you feel that those that you are close with can’t be honest with you work (flaws and all) seek out other opinions. For example, here on your blog! The encouragement is out there, you just need to accept it when it’s given 🙂

Happy Painting 🙂


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