Wildlife Wednesdays: Walrus

Besides knowing what they look like, what else do you know about Walruses? They are interesting creatures and very much threatened by the rising temperatures in their homes. There are two subspecies of walrus, which are divided geographically.  Atlantic walruses inhabit coastal areas from northeastern Canada to Greenland, while Pacific walruses inhabit the northern seas off Russia and Alaska,

A walrus flicks his huge tusks, Bellsund, Svalbard.

Both male and female walruses have tusks, which in most cases in the animal world, it is typically males that posses the impressive tusks. Although the tusks are smaller than elephants, they still serve a similar purpose, especially during mating season. Also another iconic factor of the walrus are those thick long whiskers which they use to locate their favorite food, shellfish.

Walruses live in groups which are yes, called a herds. A herd of walrus, sounds strange doesn’t it? These creatures can grow up to 7-11 feet in length and weigh up to 1.5 tons! That is a big animal! Their average lifespan in the wild is a stunning 40 years. That could change due to global warming if something isn’t done. Once hunted for their tusks, they are now a protected species, giving only permission to Native Americans to hunt these creatures for food purposes.

Something that I personally find very amazing is that they are capable of slowing their heartbeats in order to withstand the polar temperatures. This is a life saving trait, so to speak.

Walrus 2

These blubbery creatures are an impressive animal to look at. With their long canines and thick whiskers they remind me of an old man as a cartoon character. I can’t help but call them adorable. We must find this beautiful quality in all creatures, because it is there. This is a living breathing and feeling thing, keep them in our world, it makes it a brighter place to live.

Make a symbolic adoption of a Walrus from WWF.

It’s a great gift for a wonderful cause 🙂


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