Tip Tuesday: Keep Your Studio Clean :) try to

You remember how your parents always asked you to clean your room? Or maybe you might have been like me and usually had it clean to begin with.

Well, that childhood cleanliness will come in handy when it comes to yes, your studio. I could go into several different studios and feel they are or are not clean/organized. However, this is the tricky part. We all define organization differently. What I feel is a perfect studio someone else may feel the complete opposite. It’s basically what feels right to you.

One thing stands the same though. Keep it clean and safe. Anyone who works with oils (which includes all solvents) knows/should keep them out of reach of children, pets and closed when not being used. Just because you paint with them doesn’t mean they are not toxic. Keep your area clean, your body, face and everything else clean. If you get it on your hands, wash the right away. Wiping off your hands does not help, that toxic liquid can still seep into your skin.

Basically, use common sense.

I am guilty of at times eating in my studio. Bad Taylor, I know. I clean up after myself and don’t eat at or near a piece. If you have the room, maybe designate an area as a food and drink area. Just to keep the crumbs in one place.

My studio is changing a lot. I move the furniture around at least a few times a year for freshness.
An older photo of my studio, but it is changing a lot. I move the furniture around at least a few times a year for freshness.

Keeping your studio fresh and lively is important to me. At least 2-3 times a year I change my studio around. Cleaning out things I don’t need, moving pieces around, inventory, ect. Helps me out, maybe it would for you too! Something else that helps is an inspiration wall. I have printed small images of art by other artists that I put up in my studio, wildlife and my own work. Maybe you do as well?

This topic could go on forever. And it varies. Find what is right for you and keep it clean 🙂


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