Inspiration Time: It’s The Little Things That Count

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” 
― Steve Martin

Do you ever go through your day and not really pay attention to what is exactly happening? You’re on pilot mode in a way, especially if you have an everyday routine. But what if you stopped and took in the day. I mean really realized what was happening. Noticed the expressions on peoples faces, your own reactions to things, your thoughts, your movements or the routines of others. Just be in the moment.

Everyday I try to remember to do just that. To pause for a moment and take everything in. Why? Because, life really is short and I never enjoy looking back on the day, only to realize I don’t really remember everything that happened. So I pause, might be for five seconds or ten minutes, but I pause. It’s great.

Pausing is Inspirational. I appreciate things more. Even when the day is bad, I can appreciate the good that does happen.

Funny poster 1

Today was a good day. I had fun. I laughed with a co worker. We were teamed up for the day to knock a big project out. Instead of dreading it, we had fun with it. I love laughing, that is how I get through the day, especially the days that well…..suck. We made sure we laughed. It may have been at something rather silly but hey, why not? Makes the day better! Whoo Hooooo laughter!!

However, I did pause during this good day just to appreciate the good day. To noticed why I was happy or why someone else may have been on edge. To me, it’s the little things that count a lot more than we realize. Laughing, relaxing, playing, hanging out with loved ones, having a good day, and so much more. All these “small” things add up to something big. Something great.

Now, go out and pause. Enjoy the small things that happen and laugh. Seems simple, but during those crappy days it’s difficult to do. You just have to try and pull it off. You can, I know it 🙂


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