Studio Weekend

Let’s start off with a favorite quote of mine:

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” 
― Edgar Degas

I love that, because it’s true. Any artist, I feel, can relate to that very simple yet very powerful statement. I have days when I simply say “What am I doing? This isn’t art, this isn’t good at all!” Only to find out others, in fact Do like it.

As I clean my studio today, I think about that quote. What do I want to make others see? A long long statement. To sum it up, the beauty of nature and all of her creatures. To have respect for the world we share by appreciating how she brightens our day. The things that exist in this world are amazing, from the majestic Blue Whale cruising the wide open oceans, to the life giving rain-forests of Brazil. This world is full of amazing things, things that I have never see up close but hope to one day. We all need a taste of this Earth to really appreciate our life and the life of other things as well.

I will never understand how someone could kill an animal, or another human being. Or how we could drill into the Arctic to make our lives easier by destroying the lives of others. That’s why I always find amazement and beauty in wildlife and nature. It’s a stunning world out there and unfortunately, we forget that. I remind myself everyday by having photos of this world all over my studio and filling up canvas and paper with images of Earth’s inhabitants. The colors, the air, the emotions, the passion, life, peace, happiness…. that is what is all about.

What Else Is Going On in the Studio?

Gage is still being worked on, he is rounding completion though. Happy to say that. I have been taking this colored pencil piece nice and slow. So far, I am happy with the direction it is going in. The paper size is 24×18, using only Prisma Colored Pencils. 40% of the price will of course go to Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, where Gage calls home. Feel free to email me on this piece if you are interested. Starting now through Christmas, if you sign up to my newsletter (Here) you get 10% a piece that you purchase. What is Gage’s price: $280.00

Email me at if you may be interested in purchasing this piece.
Email me at if you may be interested in purchasing this piece. (title is a work in progress)

Also happy to announce that Tender Moment sold at Safe Haven’s event, Just Desserts this Saturday 🙂 Happy he went to a good home! The event went well, I am sure it was a great time. I wish I could have been there! Next even is the Tiger Dash/5K Run in October, hope to make it. ( I just noticed these two cats are both in an upside down position, how funny)

Tender Moment, of the very handsome Mountain Lion Max.
Tender Moment, of the very handsome Mountain Lion Max.

Lot’s of writing and thoughts today 🙂 Tip Tuesday will be my next appearance! What will the tips be on? The topic is still somewhat undecided but I have a few ideas. Which are: starting a piece, keeping your area clean or painting when you are in a funky place. Stay tuned 🙂


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