Make the Day Lucky: Bring Some Creativity In

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
― Pablo Picasso

I am not a huge Picasso fan, but I do adore his views. That quote, this one right here ^, says a lot. We loose that child in us when we “grow up”. Our body and mind tell us to grow up but we don’t always have to listen. And why would you? Don’t you want to let that childlike creativity grow as you get older? But how do you let it grow without being, responsible as an adult? Funny you asked, because I have a list of my own 🙂

1. Imagine things. Don’t go around telling everyone to look at the purple dragons and unicorns in the sky, you may find a new “home” if you do. But, imagine the future. Imagine how you would like things to look in your house, how the next art piece should be,  Reading is an excellent way to imagine as well, one of my favorites.

2. Play a game, any game. Weather it’s basketball or yes video games, it still takes you back into the world of a child. I love my video games, especially adventure based games. The Elder Scrolls anyone?

Skyrim 1


3. Laugh at random things. I laugh at least once a week about how a friend eats an apple (she looks very angry, eyebrows up all the way). Some people may think it’s silly to laugh at silly things but it makes your day brighter. Just do it.

4. Draw, Paint, Do Art. I don’t know how many people say “I can’t draw” and I respond with “Sure you can. Just pick up a pencil and draw on paper. You have created something.” You don’t have to be Da Vinci to draw, you just have to do it. Why? It releases stress and creates happiness.

The Gaze; 11x14; oil on board
The Gaze; 11×14; oil on board.

There are way more things to do than these four but, they are a start. Today may be considered unlucky but you can make it lucky but bringing out that inner child. I paint because I love to, not because others tell me that’s what I should do. Things improve on every piece, just like anything else you do. It’s the same process. You just have to start.

Today’s post may be a little off the “art” topic to most but I think it’s right on it. Take it from Picasso 🙂 It’s amazing what can happen when you think outside your tight little box.



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