Why Do Animals Make Us Soft

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” 
― Mark Twain

Usually it’s Tip Tuesday, which it still could be considered that in a different category other than art.


Have you ever gone nearly limp when a dog lays on you? Or when a cat sits with you for longer than a few seconds? Why does that happen? What is it about animals that make us go mushy? And why can’t everyone be like that?

When I have a bad day my German Shepard Charlie is always there to cheer me back up. All he has to do is wag his happy tail with a big goofy dog “smile” and I am done. I can’t be mad or upset anymore. I’m cured! It’s magic in sense, a medication that doesn’t have to poison your body to take away the illness. It’s love, happiness, safety.

It’s amazing to me that Charlie can lay his head on my lap and I smile, and hope it lasts forever. Animals have an amazing affect on us. Dogs can be trained and licensed to go through hospitals and visit ill patients. The mere presence and feel of an animal and lowers blood pressure and stress. Amazing.

I can never and will never understand how anyone could ever harm an animal of any kind. When I see the harm that has been placed upon them I get sick. It twists my stomach in horrible knots. What is the tip of today?

Be with an animal. Whether it is you own, a family’s or a shelter, just be with one/several. Noticed the way your body calms down. The way your mind quiets. And if it doesn’t, be there in the moment. Let your kindness towards another being come through. It’s the medicine that you really do need. Love and Kindness. 

Charlie 2
Charlie, how could he not make me smile?!

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