Magazines, Books, Art: What More Could A Girl Ask For?

I am a book lover. I am an art lover. I am an animal lover. I could go on and on, but by now you all know that. You ever stop and wonder why you love things like this? Is it just programmed into you? Or is it something that happens over time? We are all unique when it comes to our passions, likes and guilty pleasures. What are yours? Why not write them down? Β And what about the things that just really knock you off your groove? Have you written those down?

Last week I was in a funk, to say the least. Not all week but enough of it to notice. I was annoyed about how I was and wasn’t doing things. Art sales, lacking. Motivation for things, slim. Exercising, pretty much non-existent.

I decided to sit down and do a longer meditation session then usual. I could feel that “you can’t do this” voice whispering in my ear so I decided to respond. I named what I was feeling out loud. The pressure in my chest was deflating. Amazing. I said things that I didn’t even realize was there. Needless to say but the next day went much better.

I can’t say it was the result of listening to myself but two pieces did sell on Daily Paintworks:

Winter's Calling: Sold
Winter’s Calling: Sold
In Sprint: Sold
In Sprint: Sold

Hard to say I didn’t notice the things that lead up to that. Summer is always slow for art but I took it to personally.

So Why do I love the things that I love and have certain things/moments that just knock me down? I can’t really say for sure. Maybe you can’t either, but I feel that’s great. Life is a mystery but it doesn’t need to be solved. It just needs to be lived. My goal is to do just that.

If I seriously sat down and thought about all of the good and bad things that happen, things I love, things that go funky, I would think I would go crazy. I don’t feel I would find an answer. I feel that I don’t need an answer either. In short, notice all of the things in your life.

There will be things that get you down, you may not know the reason but that’s okay. Name the feelings and let your mind/body realize that you are recognizing them. Things may need a change, that’s great if you know that. But change it in a healthy safe way. Change it for you.

With that in mind, have an excellent Friday and a better weekend πŸ™‚ I will see you soon for more studio updates!


2 thoughts on “Magazines, Books, Art: What More Could A Girl Ask For?

  1. Love these two! congratulations on your sales. For me, I try not to think but DO! That keeps me out of the doldrums most times. I am happiest painting… so I try to schedule it everyday and don’t think about it… just do it : ) I love that sprinting cheetah. I look forward to more of your wild animal paintings… you clearly love painting them!

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