Studio Weekends: Back in the Groove

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”
-Henry David Thoreau 

Let’s start by saying sorry. I’ve been slacking on getting blogs out lately. Seems that once you get into a good groove, life creeps along to throw it all off keel. That’s alright now, it’s time to buckle down and get to it again!

Now onward to painting 🙂 On the easel is something I started a while back. But I felt that I needed to restart the entire piece. Looking at how far I got before, I just wasn’t happy with it at the stage it was left at. It’s funny what can occur when you step back from a piece every once and a while.

Monochromatic underpainting is nearly complete at this stage.
Monochromatic underpainting is nearly complete at this stage.

While flipping through an art magazine of mine (The Artist’s Magazine), I came across an article that had a short demo. The artist had suggested to do a gray scale or monochromatic underpainting. Which I have done before, but the point he made was an eye opening “why didn’t I think of that” moment. His students usually have trouble with getting their values down correctly when painting. He felt if the values were down first in a gray scale form, it was easier for them (and himself) to get the painting completed correctly.

Get the values out of the way and worry about the colors last. To me that’s brilliant, why not try it out with that in mind? Funny what happens when you read 🙂

On the table I have a 24×18 drawing of Gage the tiger from Safe Haven Rescue Zoo. It’s a colored pencil piece, a lot of colored pencil 🙂 This is taking me a long good while to complete. A lot of small details that need to go in to his face still. Tons of back and forth work, but if it makes the pieces more powerful, it’s worth the work. Than again, it always is 🙂


Slow and steady :)
Slow and steady 🙂

A lot to work on but it’s all fun! Email me if you are at all interested in these two pieces, even if it’s just a question about my work. Would love to hear from you 😀

More updates to come soon. Have a great Sunday everyone, I must be off to start the day!


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