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Wildlife Rescue Meets Artistic Creation


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Contact: Lynda Sugasa; phone number: 775-538-7093; Email:


Taylor Nichczynski; Phone Number: 702-466-5949; Email:

Choi Hu2




July 18, 2013 – Executive Director of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo Lynda Sugasa and Nevada wildlife artist Taylor Nichczynski join forces with the wildlife rescues as the stars of the show. It only seems fitting that two people that are passionate about preserving wildlife team up in this unique way. Spreading awareness through the means of art, with the rescues of Safe Haven as the focus.  When any original piece of art which features a resident at Safe Haven sells, 40% of that prices goes directly to Safe Haven. The more art sold, the more help this amazing organization receives.


Safe Haven Rescue Zoo was founded in 2000 in Marengo IL. At that time they were known as Safe Haven Wildlife Refuge Center, Inc. By 2006, they were rehabilitating several hundred orphaned and injured animals annually. In order to accommodate an increased need for placement space a move was made to Imlay, NV in November 2006. The property was a 160-acre piece of land. Safe Haven takes in abused, injured and neglected wildlife. Many of their residents are former exotic “pets”, with the assistance of Safe Haven, these beautiful animals have a second chance at life.

Every time someone visits the sanctuary they become regular donors/supporters after learning about their residents and their rescue stories. Such as one of Safe Haven’s first permanent-placement residents, the Bobcat Phoenix. Phoenix was kept as an illegal pet in a small apartment in Illinois, soon she got out and roamed Illinois for four months. Once she was found, Safe Haven was her only chance of survival. She was emaciated and scared. Now she is back to her healthy self, thanks to Safe Haven rescuing her.

The Humane Society declared Safe Haven as “A true Nevada sanctuary” and they have their GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) verification and endorsement by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare. In July of 2013, Safe Haven Rescue Zoo was featured on the cover of Nevada Magazine, a true honor for such an impactful organization. With Safe Haven and all those involved with them, their wildlife residents have a second healthy chance at life.


Since a young child Taylor Nichczynski was always drawn to two things, art and wildlife. Throughout her life, she has learned to combine the two to produce her art career focus. Spreading awareness on the importance of wildlife and conservation through her art.

Mostly self-taught, Taylor has been painting professionally for the last three years. Mainly focusing on wildlife and landscapes, her vision and statement is simple. Keep this earth in good health and the rest will follow. Her palette consists of vibrant colors to voice the beauty in this world with the main attention focused on the matter at hand, conservation.  At 24, her passion is high when it comes to wildlife and art, to which she hopes to continue to make a difference no matter the size.

In April of 2013, Taylor contacted Lynda Sugasa, Executive Director of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo to team up with this very focus. Taylor’s main subjects are Safe Haven’s very own residents. Moved by their stories, she creates the stunning animals in original oil paintings and drawings. Using colors that are bright, vibrant and positive, she wants to convey the positive message that Safe Haven is all about. Several of these pieces are available on site at Safe Haven along with her own website.

Any piece of a Safe Haven resident that is purchased benefits the residents at Safe Haven. 40% of each purchase price goes straight to Safe Haven. With a few pieces selling in a recent silent auction Safe Haven held in May, they hope to have more artwork sell during the next upcoming events. The next event will be held on October 12 for the annual Tiger Dash 5K Walk/run. With the hope that their partnership continues to grow, they have combined forces in this unique way to benefit the most important thing, the residents at Safe Haven.

Dawn of the Tiger


Contact Information:

Lynda Sugasa; phone number: 775-538-7093; Email:

Taylor Nichczynski; Phone Number: 702-466-5949; Email:



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