In Light of Shark Week, Let’s Talk Sharks :)

When you hear or see a shark, do you hear the Jaws music playing? Or are you like me and want to go swim with these amazing creatures?

Shark Week is among us, one of my favorite weeks of the year! Ever since I was a child, I loved Shark Week. Actually have a book on Shark Week during it’s 10 year anniversary (I think 10th). Feels long ago 🙂 Now, unfortunately, Shark Week as almost become a joke. Not all episodes this year but at least the first one was. People were upset that they were making it seem like the ancient Megladon could/was still in existence.

For me, it’s fun to think about. A massive shark still living? Amazing, but scary. It could happen. But let’s face it, when we think Shark Week we think of serious topics on sharks we know exist and inspiring stories from shark attack victims.

Sharks have always been a favorite animal of mine. They are living fossils, the perfect predator and amazing teachers. They trigger a massive fear in people, but why? Is it because we can’t see them, their size, their teeth, movies, or something else? Fear can be turned into a positive though. Turn that fear into respect and amazing things can happen.

Three's A Charm; 24x12; oil on canvas Purchase at
Three’s A Charm; 24×12; oil on canvas
Purchase at

Sharks are inspirations for my work a lot. Two paintings completed so far on sharks, one in the works and many more that I would like to do. But why? I think they are just beautiful, and I try to show that in my work. Does it work? I feel it does. When people say, “you painted a shark? It’s really well done, not scary at all.” I feel I win 🙂 As do the sharks.

Educate yourself and no not by Jaws or the gem Sharknado. Read, go to reliable websites (like the WWF), talk to real experts. Let fear turn into respect and the world can be a better place 🙂



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