Art Wrap Up With a Twist of Life

Saturday proved to be a great studio day. Completed my Gray Wolf, titling it Winter’s Calling. Was pretty pleased with the result and was happy to move onto the next big. After a lot of thinking I decided to stick to the good ole colored pencil for a little while longer. Started sketching out a bigger drawing of Safe Haven resident Choi-Hu, a beautiful Siberian Tiger. This time it will be 24×18, a much bigger size for a drawing but I’m up to it!

Winter's Calling Action starting at $45 on DPW
Winter’s Calling
Action starting at $45 on DPW or Buy Now at my website

Winter’s Calling was a tough piece in a way. Long thick fur with a touch of snow is a hard thing to take on. I did my best not to over think the entire project. Leaving just enough snow in to indicate a snowy day helped, versus trying to put a ton of flakes throughout the picture. I’ve wanted to draw or paint a Gray Wolf for a while now. It felt like the right time now, especially with the Gray Wolf being hunted legally (again) in the U.S. They are no longer a protected species, it’s horrible to think how many of these amazing creatures may not be with us again. With my heart rooted deeply in wildlife I tend to paint them more. When I see updates like this, it makes me want to create the subject even more.

Drawing has been a theme of mine lately. Putting the paints aside for now, isn’t a bad thing. I needed another break to sort out a few other kinks in my work. Working on a smaller canvas size is tough but I think it’s a good learning tool. Soon enough the brushes will call out to me, until then why jump on something I’m not ready for yet?

On Sunday I read a little here and there on oil painting. But the interest to dive into a piece wasn’t there. Not even to play with the paint. But for now, that’s good for me. The desire will come back in time. I can’t control the wave but I can learn how to surf it 🙂


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