Inspiration Fridays: What Makes an Artist

What Makes An Artist?

Tender Moment; 20x16; oil on canvas
Tender Moment; 20×16; oil on canvas

This has always been a very interesting question. How do you define an artist? There are many theories on this topic. Do you have to have a degree in the arts? A lot of teaching? A specific teacher? Self-taught? Just pure talent?

I suppose it could be a combination of all of them. How do you, personally, define an artist? Maybe yourself. Stories that inspire are those that are similar to mine. Which I feel is extremely common. I love reading the background of a painter and see that they are “self-taught”, “learned from other artists” or “had encouragement from family to continue.” I love hearing that!

I feel that if you can relate to another, it makes it even more appealing to you. it makes you more curious about them and it encourages you to keep going. It’s that “if they can do that so can I” feeling. Even if I can’t relate to someones story the inspiration is still there. Many will tell you to keep at it, especially if it makes you happy. I was never able to get a college degree or go to lessons after a certain age. The money just wasn’t there. But the drive to draw was. That didn’t mean I couldn’t go for it.

Do you need an education to be a great artist? Debatable. Talent is always improving, but how much “faster” would that be with school? To me, it depends on the person and timing. If those two things don’t match, it may not work out in your favor. Any that is completely fine. For a long time I was told to go to school for art if I wanted to truly go far with that career.  I’ve heard many artists say that same thing as well. But I have also heard those that didn’t have an art degree, taught themselves and are extremely successful. Not every case will be the same but the chance is there.

Not to mention another question to that. How do you define success? The response may change from time to time, which is great. Means you are growing and learning. Success is one of those words that has several meanings to each person. Maybe ask yourself that same question. Ask it over and over again. Can’t hurt!

All in all this is a topic that could go on for pages. I don’t want to bore you to tears but I would love to hear your opinions on this. Leave your comments, let’s see some other views.





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