Combo Pack: Polar Bears and How to Help

First let me apologize for not posting yesterday :/ Things got a little crazy, so I am doing a combo post! Don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple 🙂

The lucky and beautiful creature for today is the Polar Bear. Right now, they may be considered the poster child for endangered species and global warming. But why? Polar Bears only live in the Arctic region of the world. As we all know, that is a very cold and very icy part of the world. Nonetheless, it is the only place these creatures call home. It is vanishing at an alarming rate.

Polar Bears can grow up to 8-10 feet in height and can weigh from 800-1300 pounds. Their diet consists of mainly seal, as well as whales and they have been known to snack on kelp as well. With a limited food supply and home environment, it is truly amazing that these creatures call the Arctic home.

Polar Bear 2


Their home is disappearing, mothers are struggling to give their cubs a chance to live. A mother Polar Bear can have up to four cubs in one litter, but the most common amount is two. Out of all the mammals, they can reproduce the lowest amount of offspring in their lifetime, about 5 times throughout their lives. With such a limited place to live, hunt and teach, mothers do all they can to protect their  young.

Now, comes the tip part.

How can you help keep them around? And why are they the poster child for endangered species and global warming? To help:

  • Donate to well known sites: WWF, Ocean Conservancy, Human Society of the United States and Defenders of Wildlife
  • Voice your concerns, nothing travels quicker then by word of mouth
  • Volunteer to organizations. For example, the Ocean Conservancy hosts beach clean ups every year.  
  • Post more to your blog, Facebook and Twitter on issues like this. It attracts more attention than you think.

Why are they the poster child? We see their home melting, they have no where else to go. Global warming hits icy places like the Arctic the hardest. Why does that matter to you? More water in the atmosphere means more natural disasters. More rain, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. All of those thrive on water. It’s important to keep our home at a healthy state. Not only for us for the creatures that we share this planet with.

Polar Bears, and so many other creatures, are beyond beautiful. Each animal on this planet is important just as much as you. It’s time to change.


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