Studio Recap: More Lessons Learned!

Saturday and Sunday was a full day in the studio. The kind of days I love. This time around I felt all of the emotions: frustration, excitement, joy, anxiety and oh so much more. All in all it was a good weekend of art.

I bought a ton of canvas boards last week along with a 20×20 canvas. The boards are small, for a reason. Wanted to test my wits on a smaller size, a good idea to do from time to time. Always good to switch up the sizes to test your comfort zone (to me at least).


Started a composition on Friday, that way I could jump into in the next day. I took a slightly different approach: I premixed my colors, remembered to use those oh so important greys and stepped back a lot. What happened next? After I spent about 2 hours on a 11×14 piece, I decided it was time to clean the slate.

It wasn’t going well at all. Everything was off and I knew that there was no way to fix it unless I cleared it. Cleaning the board off  felt so……. empowering. It’s as if I knew deep down, this wasn’t right and it was okay to say that. It was okay to start over. What happened after that you may ask? This:

Just Passing By; oil on board; 11x14
Just Passing By; oil on board; 11×14

I was so proud 🙂 I actually, finally liked a piece I did. Funny how that works. I let myself keep everything loose, colorful but not bland. Happy that I cleaned the slate 🙂

On Sunday I started a new piece on the 20×20 (couldn’t resist). I was searching for photos of sharks a long time ago and came across a half submerged view of the animals. I fell in love. It was different to look at. After tweaking the image a little I began on my own version. I am also considering do more like this 🙂

Type of sharks? Lemon Sharks :)
Type of sharks? Lemon Sharks 🙂


Plan on taking this one slow and steady. Things may be changed and added, but I am really having fun with this. Love the view of the sharks from this submerged view. The separation of two worlds on the same planet, love that concept. As for the small canvases, compositions are in the works to do some smaller works.

Always a busy bee :))

Side Note: Just Passing By is on Daily Paintworks and my website 🙂 Bid on DPW Starts at $45 🙂


Happy Painting


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