Who Do You Admire?

Usual themes for Fridays are things that inspire me to create art. What about you? Do you have someone that you really look up too for things? It could be advice, inspiration, anything.

On my drafting table I have taped a bunch of pieces from artist’s I really like. I also have photos on my wall of not only art, but photos and quotes. It’s my inspiration corner in my studio. I love it! I have such a long list of artist I really look up to. From Monet to Carol Marine, the list is nearly endless.

But have you ever really stopped to ponder why we admire these people? Some of which we have never meet, others we will never meet. I find it very interesting that one can look up to others we don’t know. What is it that attracts us to them? I have thought about this a little over the last week. Here are a few conclusions….

  1. Many of the artist’s I admire, have one main thing they all have in common is their use of color and brushstroke. Normal I would say for many artists out there to admire those qualities in others. For example, I mentioned Carol Marine. It’s not just her loose approach to art, it’s her reasoning and method behind it. She usually works small (6×6) but she captures the details that are the most important, the basic form. Not to mention, the way she chooses her colors are really wonderful. The usual red, yellow and blue plus a few other colors for balance. Not to much white either. Really love that.
  2. The background stories of many artists really interest/inspire me. Being mostly self-taught myself, I love to see those amazing results of other self-taught artists. Their teachers? Other artists, books, demos and workshops. For a lot of us, it’s all we can afford, and sometimes that is hard to do. In order to have successes, sacrifices must be made (intelligently of course).
  3. Subjects they paint are a huge part for me as well. I find it really interesting that many artists I love, paint still life. How funny is that? They also make me want to paint still life every once and a while too. For me, I like painting still life when I need to switch things up and give myself more permission to learn new things.
  4. Many many artists are extremely encouraging. I have emailed many artists to say that I really love their work, thanking them for sharing their techniques and for their positive statements. Many respond back with excitement and joy to just say thank you. I’ve had many say to keep going for what I believe in, to learn all that I can and reach out whenever I want. That is really wonderful 🙂

I could go on for pages, but I don’t want to bore you 🙂 So what are your conclusions? It’s a great question to ask yourself with anything in life. Opens up your eyes about things you never really cared to ponder to much.

Also….some updates for you regarding art:

Sharp Eye has a bid of $10 so far, and it's about to end soon (2 days soon). Get in on the bidding on my DPW page :)) Would mean the world to me!
Sharp Eye has a bid of $10 so far, and it’s about to end soon (2 days soon). Get in on the bidding on my DPW page :)) Who doesn’t love original art?
And Than There Was Wonder has been Sold on DPW :)
And Than There Was Wonder has been Sold on DPW 🙂



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