Tip Tuesday: Using Things As Inspiration

Inspiration comes from everywhere. What’s funny about inspiration is that it may come from an unlikely place. Might sound like an odd topic for Tip Tuesday, but tips aren’t just about material items. Tips come from your entire life.

But where, oh where to look? Don’t look like your are on a scavenger hunt. Just notice, see and view. There have been many occasions when I was just out with my dog and just the way the sun hits the tress makes me say “Wow, that is just stunning. I need to paint that!” What I find interesting is this, that one event may not be a painting right away. It may lead to something else.

First tip, Have a camera handy. Doesn’t matter if it’s on your phone or a camera you always carry with you. You may be running errands, don’t have your sketch book and Bam! something amazing strikes you. Memory is a wonderful thing to have but we tend to embellish what we “remember”. Which can work in your favor but it’s always good to have a photo to review.

But it’s not just about taking photos of amazing scenes. What about reading books, art magazines, viewing art in museums or at stores. The possibilities are endless!

That's alotta canvas!

There are days when all I have to do is look at the items in my studio and all of a sudden I have the drive to create something. These suggestions may be all over the place, but it’s true. There is never one solid place where inspiration comes from. And if you haven’t noticed I love that “I’ word, it just rolls off the tough and creates the brain to think.

I have name a few suggestions, but I also have some go to items if I am feeling flat or have the urge to paint but nothing comes to mind. Here is my list:

  • Going through my art magazines. I never throw them away, for this reason. I look through past issues, maybe even demos to see how the artist created the piece. Suddenly I want to test it out for myself.
  • Looking at my inspiration wall. What is it? I taped favorite pieces from favorite artists up, photos of endangered animals and other pieces of art that just strike me as interesting.
  • Yoga and meditation. Just by calming my body down, noticing my breath helps me come back down to earth and realize I don’t have to “complete” a piece in order to paint. I just need to go with the flow.
  • Go for a walk. There is no teacher like nature herself. The sun came shine in amazing way on things.
  • My dog! I love my Charlie, he makes me realize to just relax and have fun.
  • Art podcasts. I love Artists Helping Artists, great tips are discussed and interviews with amazing artists.
  • Art museums. For obvious reasons 🙂
  • Take a break, we all need one. Your brain and body will thank you

There are many many other things out there that cause you to just paint. Mainly let go of your expectations and just relax. When you stress about next piece is when things go, well messy 🙂 Now, go be insp…..I won’t say it, you know the rest 🙂



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