Studio Sundays: Post 4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I have been off for four days, so sad today is the last day. Letting myself have a break was wonderful. Did some studio rearranging, finished pieces, started pieces, researched pieces, played some video games, read and relaxed. Twas great!

Work in the studio has been wonderful, I must say. Rearranging your environment can do wonders, it’s amazing. I put my little bamboo plant next to me, brightens up the area just a little bit more. Funny how small additions can make your mood shift.Β 

Now, what have I got for you today? Lots o’ Stuff! First I would like to tell everyone about Daily Paintworks. It’s a great site for artists and buyers. Think of Ebay or Esty or 100x better! You can view, post and buy amazing art. Also, bid in the auction! Yes you can bid on artwork, how cool is that!

And….I have a few pieces on auction right now. And Then There Was Wonder and Sharp Eye have bids right now ($10 to start on these two), maybe your might want to get in on the bidding for yourself. Or, join to sell your own work πŸ™‚ Check out my gallery pieces right now, get on bidding πŸ™‚

Onto pieces that have been completed! Meet Gage and a Dire Wolf Skull:

Dawn of the Tiger; 11x11; colored pencil on bristol paper
Dawn of the Tiger; 11×11; colored pencil on bristol paper
Buy now at:Β

Gage, a resident of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo was completed yesterday. His fur was a real challenge, but I had a lot of fun doing it. The main photo I was working off of was a little less bright in the colors. I really wanted to bump that up to make him really pop. The light shading got drown out of the camera where his white fur is. I kept the colors really light, just enough to calm the white down.


The Face of Extinction; 10x8; oil on canvas Bid Now at Daily Paintworks
The Face of Extinction; 10×8; oil on canvas
Bid Now at Daily Paintworks

This is a skull of a creature long past, a Dire Wolf. When at the local museum last month I saw this skull on display. I stuck me to know that this was all that was left of this creature. A skull and some bones, that is it. Keeping that in mind, I was reminded that this could be all that is left of many of today’s creatures. A new series maybe?


These past few days have really been wonderful. I will see you all again on Tip Tuesday, don’t be shy to send me topics either!Β 

As always everyone, be well on this Sunday and have a great great week!


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