Inspiration Fridays: My Childhood

A different twist today on my inspirations. My Childhood had a hug impact on me, like it does for most of us. Art helped me get through difficult times when I was little.

Life at home for a few years wasn’t the greatest environment for any person. A lot of fighting, drug use and money problems. I had gone to art class after school for a few years, the main reason I stopped going was due to money issues. As well as the fact that I just did not want to leave my mother home by herself with her husband. I am so glad he isn’t in our lives anymore, they were married for a short time but that was long enough.

Even after I got out of art class I continued to draw. It got me through those difficult times. Being very much into dragons and dinosaurs, that was my main focus. I would draw anything with a dragon on it. I’m not sure why, might had to do with the fact that no one could tell me that’s not how a dragon looks. That creature was open to interpretation.

Dragon Days from long ago
Dragon Days from long ago

How does my past inspire me today? Because I am proving to myself that I can live my dreams, just like mom always said when I was that little girl. She encouraged me to art no matter what and still does. Looking back from what was going on in my life years ago, I realized  something. Back than we lived that way because we couldn’t go anywhere else. We were stuck. I never want to be stuck like that. Life gets in the way of how you live all of the time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live your dream.

I had dreams of being an artist or working with animals. Why can’t I do both? That little girl wanted to, I think I owe her that much. I never dwell on the what could have been long ago, I let those terrible times guide me through the rocky roads of today. If I got through my childhood with art, I can get through anything with art.



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