Studio Sundays: The Eagle Has Landed

A successful Art Weekend. Always good news to report when things go that way. Did some drawing, some writing and went shopping so we now have food in the house. Score! And now to sit down with a drink in hand, relaxation.

Onward to the completion! The Golden Eagle piece is now done. It was interesting working with colored pencils again. I could really feel my stress level go down when I draw. Even though I wasn’t really stressed to begin with, however, I could feel my body ease into everything with a calm mind. It’s a different kind of calm when I paint. I have yet to discover the correct wording, maybe you already know what I’m talking about πŸ™‚


Here is the Golden Eagle:

Sharp Eye; 14.5x11; colored pencil on bristol paper.
Sharp Eye; 14.5×11; colored pencil on bristol paper.

He took a lot of time and patience. If I had to put a number of hours on it, I’d estimate it at 18-20 hours. I was a little ambitious to go straight to a raptor for a colored pencil piece. Which is a little ironic, considering the last colored pencil piece was…..a bird. A Chickadee actually.

The Golden Eagle was a true pleasure to complete, I loved it. It was a great learning experience, as it is with every piece of art. Right before I finished Sharp Eye, I watched an Art Dvd from North Light Books on colored pencils. It’s called,Β Colored Pencil Techniques Made Easy. No matter how much you may know about something, there is always more to learn. Another reason why I Love watching these instructional Dvds. They are a wonderful alternative if you can’t attend a workshop.

Next Project:

Of course I couldn’t keep my drafting table empty for long. I had to start on another drawing. I’m in the colored pencil mood now. Flows beautifully so far πŸ™‚ New drawing will be Gage the Tiger from….Safe Haven Rescue Zoo. I’ve wanted to do his picture for a long time now but the moment wasn’t there. I feel colored pencil will fit the moment perfectly.



Still in the outline stage. As you can see, I use the “grid method”. Makes things easier, eliminates the guessing. Light light light strokes of the pencil, 7H graphite pencil. 9H is the hardest you can go but being a girl with terrible eyes, I needed to use a slightly darker pencil.

Once the outline is complete, I will chose my colors. Updates to come, I assure you πŸ™‚ Be well all and have a great week.

Stay tuned for Tuesday Tips where I will be going through graphite. An artists best friend in my opinion πŸ™‚

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