Inspiration Corner: Steve Morvell

Wildlife is a drive for my work. But what about other artists? There are several out there. But one name that comes to mind is Steve Morvell.

I have had the pleasure of talking to Steve through email and he is extremely kind. Very personable. One day maybe I will have the pleasure of meeting Steve, who lives is beautiful Australia (a place I’ve Always wanted to visit). How cool would that be, meet an idol and go to a place that’s been on you travel list?!

By Artist Steve Morvell
By Artist Steve Morvell

His work includes a vast variety of different types of wildlife, however, he mainly focuses on African wildlife. Steve is very much involved with the preservation of these creatures, a huge inspiration for myself. Being a member of the Artists for Conservation, he has become a large voice for these creatures who can’t speak for themselves.  His main focus has always been to spread awareness on wildlife preservation and he does it extremely well with his powerful wildlife pieces.

Pastels are one of his favorites to use, and he uses them beautifully. The lovely elephants above, are done in pastel. Stunning work to say the list. He works with several different mediums, including charcoal, acrylic and watercolor. Pastels are very hard to work with and Steve’s approach to them and his way of working with the medium, is a huge inspiration to me. When I view his pastels I am in awe of how someone can work with them so well. It’s amazing.

Since I was a child I have wanted to do something to help with wildlife. Now that I am older I want to help somehow with my art. When I found out about Steve’s work I knew that was possible. I saw myself in him and was honored when he told me to keep doing what I am doing and follow what I believe him. Not to mention, I could email him whenever I wanted. That is really amazing.

Thank you Steve Morvell for sharing your vision with the world and inspiring artists like me to keep going with what I believe in. A true Inspiration.




3 thoughts on “Inspiration Corner: Steve Morvell

  1. Hi Taylorann, we had the pleasure of travelling on safari with Steve last September and have many happy memories from our trip. Yesterday we drove up to Steve’s gallery in the Grampians,…a beautiful setting. The painting depicted in your post was just waiting for us…we could not resist. He truly is as inspiring, in person, as you have described here.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love his work, look at it often. I can only imagine how stunning his pieces must be in person. A true artist that is passionate about his craft and subjects.

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