Wildlife Wednesdays: Tiger Feature

The Tiger. We all know what a tiger is. It is probably one of the most well know animals on this planet. But also one of the most endangered. A tiger isn’t just a single species, there are several different types of tigers all over the world. They span from India all the way to Russia. Many vary in size and weight as well, most of us just see the stripes ūüôā

Tigers are the largest of all the big Asian cats. Their weight varies, depending on the type of tiger you are looking at. For example the Siberian Tiger can weigh up to 600 pounds while the Sumatran tiger tops out around 310 pounds. They rely on their sight and sound vs their nose powers. Lone hunters, tigers have learned to be very patient and quick predators.

The Family of Tigers:

Tiger 2

Sumatran Tiger РLives in Borneo and Sumatra; wetlands, grasslands and forests.

Amur (Siberian) Tiger РLives in an area of the Russian Far East and small pockets that border China.; forests.

Bengal Tiger –¬†¬†Primarily in India with smaller populations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. (most numerous of the tiger subspecies, 2,500 in the wild); forests

Indochinese Tiger РFound around the Thailand-Myanmar border (Greater Mekong); forests

Malayan Tiger Р Found only in the Malay Peninsula and in the southern tip of Thailand; forests, grasslands, wetlands.

South China Tiger – Considered by scientists to be ‚Äúfunctionally extinct,‚ÄĚ as it has not been sighted in the wild for more than 25 years.

A sad fact is that these creatures are dwindling in numbers. It’s time to change our ways to save them. The Amur Tiger, which resides in Russia, is disappearing mainly because of deforestation. These creatures reside in the forests, raise their young there, hunt, survive.

Being such beautiful creatures they are a top target for poachers. Their fur is used to please the rich and in many cultures tiger bone is used in medicines, which of course have no proven use. One thing, all of these threats have in common is that humans are the ones that are causing the extinction of tigers. Some may even consider the tiger a poster child for saving wildlife. It’s easy to see why.

They are not mindless killing machines. People drive them out of their habits, the tiger needs to eat just like all living this. They wonder and end up getting killed because of how close to people they have come. It’s time to change. We can save them. Educate yourself. The World Wildlife Fund is such a huge organization that does many things to save these creatures.

Why should we worry about saving tigers? Simple, they keep the ecosystem in check. Same with many other predators and yes even the prey. Also, by saving the tiger you save the habitats they live in. Being that they are covered with beautiful trees, which provide oxygen to all of us, it’s kind of important. Balance. They are beautiful animals, what kind of world would it be if they weren’t on the earth? Very boring if you ask me.

More Information on Tigers and Wildlife Trade:




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