Art is Meditation

This is something I haven’t touched on it a long time. Art and Meditation. Many of you may know that I am very much into not only meditation but yoga as well. For me, they play a huge role in my art life. How and why?

Let’s start with the Why:

About four years ago I started having huge anxiety attacks. Mixed with stress and maybe my body changing with age, I wanted a way to calm myself. Calm myself without taking a pill. Seems to be to easy, unsafe and well the American Way to fix it with a pill. That quick fix. I wanted to be healthy not escape the experience. My body and mind was asking for help and I needed to listen.

Yoga was suggested by a co-worker and it took off from there. I was amazed as to how much better I slept, thought, breathed and lived. It’s a combination of positive outcomes! Fast forward, four years later, it’s a little harder to fit my sessions into my daily life. However, I have found a way.

I’ll will get to that during the How though 🙂 The Art of Meditation helps me clear my mind at the easel and when I am sitting. Yoga helps me sleep and make healthier decisions. Like most people, I skip sessions at times. But I don’t hate myself for it. It happens, I move on. The second I start beating myself up about it is the second I go back to the negative emotions.

And Than There Was Wonder; 10x8; oil on canvas I would love to meditate here, a great vision to hold when painting this :)
And Than There Was Wonder; 10×8; oil on canvas
I would love to meditate here, a great vision to hold when painting this 🙂


Now….The How:

Life is busy, crazy, chaotic. It happens, we forget to do things. Even if it is part of our daily routines, things happen and it changes. I usually will do my yoga and meditation sessions at least 30-45 mins before bedtime. I sleep better, wake up more motivated and the day is just better in general. But how does that work with art?

When I am at the easel, that is my meditation when I am not sitting. I don’t worry about tomorrow, the past or the future. I am focused on the here and now. My body, my breathe. Which is pretty much the point of meditation, just to be. Maybe you never realized that the relaxed feeling you may have at the easel is a mini meditation session.

I can’t tell you how important it is in my life. My schedule is changing nearly everyday, like most of us. It happens, that okay! You can’t control the waves but you can surf them 🙂

Meditation Tools :) Ya Dig?
Meditation Tools 🙂 Ya Dig?




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